Slow war

To be published August 1, 2017 by McGill-Queen's University Press.
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"We are occasionally lucky enough to encounter a writer we need, like Benjamin Hertwig, who offers solidarity while challenging our assumptions, who illuminates and shades our lives in surprising ways. After reading these poems I can’t imagine a world without them."
—John K. Samson, musician and editor, author of Lyrics and Poems, 1997–2012


“In his quiet way, Benjamin Hertwig shows us the terror and wonder of being alive. Slow War is a powerful exploration of violence, longing, and the before and after of ‘time and war and other old gods.’ A profound and beautiful book.” —Deborah Campbell, winner of the 2016 Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for A Disappearance in Damascus


“I know of few books that deal with the experience of combat in such a humane and almost tender way. Benjamin Hertwig’s Slow War is a powerful and moving work of art.” —John Skoyles, poetry editor of Ploughshares, author of Suddenly It’s Evening