Slow war

Released August 15, 2017 by McGill-Queen's University Press.
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September 19: Vancouver, BC | The Heatley

October 2: Edmonton, AB | Audreys Books

October 3: Edmonton, AB | King's University

October 6: Winnipeg, MB | McNally Robinson Booksellers

October 10: Toronto, ON | The Cloak and Dagger Irish Pub

October 13: Montreal, QC | Librairie Drawn & Quarterly


"We are occasionally lucky enough to encounter a writer we need, like Benjamin Hertwig, who offers solidarity while challenging our assumptions, who illuminates and shades our lives in surprising ways. After reading these poems I can’t imagine a world without them."
—John K. Samson, musician and editor, author of Lyrics and Poems, 1997–2012


"This hard-hitting debut collection is the record of a soldier’s heart, before, during and after war" —Toronto Star


“In his quiet way, Benjamin Hertwig shows us the terror and wonder of being alive. Slow War is a powerful exploration of violence, longing, and the before and after of ‘time and war and other old gods.’ A profound and beautiful book.” —Deborah Campbell, winner of the 2016 Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for A Disappearance in Damascus


“I know of few books that deal with the experience of combat in such a humane and almost tender way. Benjamin Hertwig’s Slow War is a powerful and moving work of art.” —John Skoyles, poetry editor of Ploughshares, author of Suddenly It’s Evening


"I’m very excited for – and somewhat in awe of – a debut poetry collection called Slow War by Benjamin Hertwig, which tells, loosely, the story of a Canadian soldier who goes to Afghanistan and comes back home with the war still inside him. I think it’s going to be beautiful and sad, and also dangerous in the way only truly honest literature can be."    —Omar El Akkad, author of American War