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Finalist, Governor General Literary Award for Poetry, 2017. 

Finalist, "The Neighbour's House." Frontier Poetry Award for New Poets, 2017. 

Pushcart Nomination, "Home from the War." The Sun Magazine, 2017. 

Pushcart Nomination, "Stigmata." War, Literature, and the Arts, 2017. 

Gold Medal, National Magazine Award for Personal Journalism, 2o17.

Celia Baker Veteran Poetry Scholar, 2017. 

CGS Doctoral Scholarship, 2016. 

Longlisted, CBC Canada Writes Short Story Prize, 2016

First place, Prairiefire Non-fiction contest. 2015.

First Place, Writer's Guild of Alberta/Glass Buffalo Poetry Prize, 2015.

Poetry Nomination, Alberta Magazine Awards, 2015.

Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship, MA.